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HowTo: Get to service mode/settings of a Samsung Led

The get of the keys are as follows: 1. information 2. menu 3.mute 4.power Thank you for waching. Do not fail to remember to remark like and subscribe. www.
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  1. Steve Christakos says:

    Is your TV d8000?

  2. Haleo Gkoutigo says:

    nice man you just screw my tv thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave Hanson says:

    My Samsung 43 plasma picture screen is out very slightly at the top.
    Noticed this on a lot of samsung tv through air signal. Drives me mad but
    don’t think I will try this though because will prob end up making it

  4. Trance106 says:

    hi there I have ive got a samsung UE46F6510 can you change the country
    setting on this because i have a european tv set?

  5. ricky stephens says:

    when i go to edit mode my tv just say loading and never loads i have to
    turn the tv off and on again anyone know why ?

  6. just jan says:

    Hey, u should delete this video, I saw here lots of people screw their TV
    because your accent and poor english. I just screw my TV

  7. Andrei Ion says:

    thanks dude

  8. keep1on says:

    maybe this is ?

  9. Hovhannes Varpetyan says:

    I have the same problem

  10. Hovhannes Varpetyan says:

    I changed smth in Service settings and now my remote dont work in service
    mode Ive changed model and smth more how can i restore my service settings

  11. mariuso1 says:

    Hi ,did you find the way to do it? I have a similar problem with an
    UE55F7000 – which i’m trying to configure to the italian digital provider.

  12. Jamie Jenkins says:

    Pls pls help , I messed about with this menu & now there’s a pinky purple
    haze on my hdmi inputs etc xbox & sky pls pls pls help .. It’s the Samsung

  13. Ath0 says:

    Hi guys I went into service menu and maybe I changed something and the 3d
    is not like before

  14. Jamie Jenkins says:

    65 inch “

  15. otis pryce says:

    wish i can get back the original perimeters

  16. Catalin Covalschi says:

    Hy , I recently Purchased a Samsung 46ES6100 model ….46inch… I wanna
    ask you if you have some tips regarding theimage Calibration to acieve the
    best image possible… My email adress is : …in
    case you have some advices..maybe a image of youre setting in contrast,
    brightness etc etc .. Thanks in advance ….

  17. Fredcarioca82 says:

    Do you know what’s the freaking problem with the volume logo on the screen
    sometimes get untwisted? please if anyone know what is it and how to fix?

  18. sappa suresh says:

    sir iam from india i purchased a samsung tv(model 32F5100).problem is when
    tv turn on it will not turn on for the first time after many trails and the
    plugs are disconneted and connected again it will turn on what is the
    problem plz help me

  19. saurabh459 says:

    Thanks i have the series 6,still could nt find it

  20. Alan Thomas says:

    can’t get sub-titles on Samsung tv

  21. ModMyGadget says:

    it depends upon your region, wether your recording is enabled or not. Even
    if it is available you will not be able to transfer to any other devices
    like computer. It uses its own disk format.