LCD TV 123

How to connect your Laptop/PC/Computer to your HDTV (via HDMI or VGA) : In this online video i explain how to connect my laptop / laptop to my HDTV. To connect your notebook/personal computer to your HDTV by way of HDMI you only need one particular HDMI cable….
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  1. mario toro paz says:

    Bad bad bad ” how to confuse a simple task ”


  2. C John says:

    thanks for the tip… i was seriously trying to figure out why it was
    saying no signal. 

  3. TheOfficialAdamcha says:

    Wow 720p for almost $400 well i know it was back in 2010 but y’now.

  4. NED577 says:

    Very helpful, Thanks

  5. DarkWorld Lord says:

    i have them both connected and its not showing up on my pc in the property
    can you help?

  6. LordGamesHD says:

    Life Saver! 😀

  7. Alejandra Reyes says:

    hi, when I go to chamge display settings it does not give me the option to
    extent display, any advice?

  8. ferariboy98 says:

    i have an alienware pc and a philips but for some reason my pc wont connect
    in anyway to my pc it has worked with my laptop before but fore somereason
    it just does not work

  9. Monique Carmack says:

    Thank you man. I love you!!!

  10. HodHodDee says:

    Ive had my hdmi but my computer messed up and i changed the grapic options
    on my laptop and the picture has disappeared, I put it back to the way it
    was but now I only have sound and no picture. Please Help!

  11. Khris Fenix says:

    i need loads of help..i connected my vga cable and the display but
    obviouslt audio isnt included so i bought the RCA cable and idk which input
    it should be in since my tv has a “PC” input

  12. PirateTravisJohnson1 says:

    I have a single cord that has a male VGA on 1 end & a male HDMI on the
    opposite end. Is this a useless cord or how do I make the TV work as my
    monitor. Desktop, BTW.

  13. Nola McGhee says:

    I have my HDMI cable connected to my lap top watch Netflix but = the
    screens from the TV and my laptop keep going black and I have to get up and
    press the left button my laptop – do I have to change something on my

  14. Pierre Carraro says:

    Great help Thanks !!

  15. Tatiana Pernell says:

    I cant get a signal. I have a sanyo plasm and using a vga on laptop and
    hdmi to tv.. help please!!!

  16. hktit0 says:

    Thanks Man, Helped A Lot !!! I Was Getting Really Frustrated. Haha Nice

  17. Mike Rutman says:

    Have the converter box and all cords just won’t work what do I do

  18. Jesus Gutierrez says:


  19. i360Tutorials says:

    Wctje….Turn off the computer first then plug it in-.-

  20. Josef - Jaymax says:

    Does sound work through a VGA cable?