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Apple iphone five online video out not appropriate with USB connector Alpine confirmed Kenwood waiting around JVC mirror imaging waiting Pioneer waiting around Application Radio tests No application sup…
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  1. sumtrouble says:

    by the way I have the new Kenwood and the regular 30 pin to lightning did
    not work.. Thats how I ended up with the way I did it.. I live in the
    marina, I’ll bring my Porsche or my truck by and show you how I did it any
    time I hear Pioneer is coming out with an head unit that has HDMI input..
    Lets hope

  2. Ricky Williams says:

    New does not always mean better

  3. sumtrouble says:

    I have a work around to play iphone5 video to the kenwood and pretty much
    any other head unit with a video in.. Get the lightning to hdmi cable. on
    amazon you can buy an hdmi to composite converter (yellow/white/red) you
    can buy very small ones. Hook audio video rca’s to the head unit video
    audio in. connect that to the hdmi composite converter plug in you hdmi
    cable and run that to the iphone lightning to hdmi. Plug in your iphone5
    and viola!! it mirrors you iphone everything works

  4. Cody Darnell says:

    I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0.1 and the next and previous track buttons
    do not work on the iPhone while streaming with bluetooth. I think it is a
    problem with iOS 6 though.

  5. bstiggy says:

    Confirmed iPhone5 will not send audio to the deck with the USB on Pioneer
    4200DVD from youtube video. iPhone shows accessory connected on iTunes (my
    phone is empty still) but Pioneer deck wont swap to “local” control and
    control remains locked to the Deck.

  6. Douglas Mason says:

    album art works on pioneer head units

  7. Giovanni Lugo says:

    Hey Delreycustoms, any development on this issue as of yet man? Haven’t
    gotten my iPhone5 as of yet due to the known issues, any update would be
    greatly appreciated.

  8. Delreycustoms says:

    hhhmmmm…… good idea! ill have to try that out. i knew with the right
    mix of cables and adapters it would be possible.

  9. toninj71 says:

    @DarkmanXXL lol

  10. mikeloria says:

    I can tell yuve been doing car audio for a long time . thank for the input
    and update . you’ve got more information then any off the pioneer reps iv
    spoke with . this iPhone 5 issue is bullshit but good work brother. ill

  11. Delreycustoms says:

    ya depends on the radio. we have the same problem with some alpines. but it
    works on kenwoods……. still trying to figure it out. what kind of radio
    do u have?

  12. rp801 says:

    how is this apple’s fault?? should be the alpine, kenwood, jvc, pioneer
    etc. fault

  13. Cody Darnell says:

    I downgraded to 5.1.1 and it works fine. I have a CDE-HD137BT Alpine.
    Alpine says they know of the problem and plan to fix it in a firmware
    update which is done but just has to be put up on the site. Apple upgraded
    their bluetooth to 4.0 and it is backwards compatible with 2.1 but many of
    the car stereo companies didn’t follow spec for bluetooth and it doesn’t
    like the new 4.0 version of bluetooth. And this is why many stereos won’t
    work on iPhones that have been upgraded to ios 6

  14. Delreycustoms says:

    yes they just released an update for their radios. ill send you a message
    now with the link in it.