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Offical Review Samsung 55″ LED 3D TV

This is a Formal Evaluation Samsung 55″ LED 3D Television. Entire High definition 1920 x 1080p. it Is 200hz. and has the 3D capability. this is a total in-depth evaluation. and i hope you…
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  1. vilnz says:

    if u dont give a model name for this Tv, this review is worth nothing

  2. wutchamacallit says:

    What model is this?

  3. desertpenguin says:

    theres nothing official about this review lol

  4. JeRseybOy251 says:

    @Chumpsit its probably your cable provider, you need HD channels, if that
    doesn’t work then go to your tv’s display setting and reset to factory
    settings. please respond if you need more help

  5. D3sTr0y3r5000i says:

    how much it costs? cause i am gonna buy it

  6. Patryk Andrulewicz says:

    every tv and every 3d glasses does the effect of darkness when you flip it,
    cuz it works like a polaroid 🙂

  7. sras2000 says:

    @cokol5080 … your statement made no sense whatsoever…you stated earlier
    that 3d glasses are so expensive yet your last statement says 3d glasses
    are much affordable and glasses are very light… do you have two

  8. aminuk23 says:

    @Clankl33t no cuz i got 70inch sony

  9. MrDontstareitsrude says:

    @danielwormald FYI I was replying to the comment above me now who’s a dumb

  10. hellomonow says:

    Yeah … Blue snow … Cheers

  11. Argentina Juega says:

    greetings from Argentina!

  12. ketastyles says:

    Aussie pride I’m Canadian and loving aus so fuck off America ..

  13. TOMcatSUD says:

    @itsMauriceCassidy LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  14. clary ochoa says:

    NEW SAMSUNG 55″ HDTV UN55D6450 3D is this 1 good some 1 please answer me
    please i want to get this 1

  15. Mathias Soerensen says:

    i like how the people on the tv is as big as him

  16. DumbfoundAdog says:

    who would use the red white yellow cables?

  17. SpreadingTruths says:

    Panasonic plasma is better. You can watch 3d movies from any angle.
    Panasonic plasma has THE best 3d, bar none. Sports and games are better on
    plasma because there’s no blurring during fast changing images.

  18. ESP4thaWin says:

    Wtf is that language? reali reali najs

  19. andy richardson says:

    some body tell me what he said i was to busy looking what was on the tv.

  20. Steven Jp says:

    I like the review, I can see the quality through a youtube vid without
    going to a local retailer. Gives me an idea of how good it will be.

  21. aminuk23 says:

    @Clankl33t why plasma is trash?

  22. angeltwitta says:

    are you guy autralian

  23. t rex says:

    This guy reviews a TV with posting the model number. lol