LCD TV 123

My SAMSUNG UE40D5003 40″ Full HD LED TV set up

Video Rating: three / five

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Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. armanulislam457 says:

    Khaite pa na fokinni matha diya khoshe.

  2. marioa gabarr says:

    Hey I have the model I can do the same UN40D5003 steps in my model? Well I
    already did but I went all

  3. Rodrigo Garcia says:

    gracias por el video. estoy interesado en comprarme este tv!

  4. Aver Fat says:

    Spyro εχεις κανενα προβλημα με την αλλαγη μοντελου στο setup?

  5. ghorardim0 says:

    yes its a good tv in cheap price

  6. marioa gabarr says:

    Oye yo tengo el modelo UN40D5003 puedo hacer esos mismos pasos en mi
    modelo? Bueno ya lo hice pero no me salio nada

  7. marioa gabarr says:

    a mi me salio el panel con una mancha ya lo mande a la garantia y me le han
    cambiado dos veces el panel y solo se corrigio un poco pero aun le quedo la
    mancha la vdd creo tuve pinche mala suerte a ver si puedo les subo un video
    de lo que le salio a mi televisor

  8. Mr Deanings says:

    The first three you compare are a 60″ 2011 series 5 and a 65″ and 55″ 2013
    series 8. Probably not the best three sets to compare . Price ranges and
    specs are way different. Also Amazon reviews are unreliable – Many people
    give products 1 star because they didnt read the description properly and
    expected a feature that doesn’t exist

  9. Mitchell Black says:
  10. Penrose Productions says:


  11. JackProlin says:

    Sick videos, I subbed!

  12. notahelpin says:

    Check me out also

  13. MrDonkov14 says:

    thanks for download link <3? i love this

  14. laurraizz says:

    All of your videos are really good.

  15. pattrjeoi says:

    20 – Ok theres a problem here.. theres a dislike button. how could you
    possibly dislike this?

  16. dnaoslsj says:

    Very nice. Keep up the good work! Subbed.

  17. Night Brony says:

    This video is very harmful 🙂

  18. scrrelenn says:

    Craazzzyyy Viddd!!!

  19. KidR520 says:

    Subbed! <3 k and favourited. OMG its so good + 1 like

  20. iVaazR says:

    1 Your videos are so good that I watch them 5 times each.

  21. realQ007 says:

    you deserve more ratings

  22. pattrjeoi says:

    subbed and faved !

  23. itouch808Sub4Sub says:

    this is amazing buddy

  24. Tom Buckley says:

    Well,its official Im a fan of yours now 😀

  25. DaRelationshipGuy says:

    Subbed, liked, favourited! Great video!

  26. sasvaazxcs says:

    pure talent right here <3

  27. snoopymisaki says:

    nice channel

  28. wesllhaa says:

    youre the best buddy