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Samsung 24 inch LED HDTV/Monitor Unboxing (T24B350ND)

Just purchased this Tv/keep an eye on and i adore it! So amazing! heres the unboxing and i hope you appreciate! Any concerns be confident to comment. Also subscribe if you like!
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. CH4RLI360 says:

    Nice Video 

  2. Chris Johnston says:

    This really is a great TV. Can’t seem to find the right viewing distance
    though. How far away do you sit from it?

  3. Ross Tully says:

    Ali a uses this TV

  4. Ashley Ellis says:

    I’m GETING one soon

  5. marquise santos says:

    Where did you purchase that tv?

  6. IFelipinho says:

    With the way you connected your turtle beaches, were you still able to talk
    to your friends ?

  7. EvanUhhh says:

    Did you buy this monitor? If so, how is the input lag through the component

  8. Colbyyx says:

    is it a computer?

  9. MisterPotatoBag says:

    im getting 21.5 inch version

  10. Juan Mendez says:

    Does it play mkv?

  11. DsX Evolved says:

    Guys Ali-A uses this for Xbox so yes it’s amazing

  12. DsX Evolved says:

    Get this its just like this monitor but Ali-A uses it. LT24B350ND

  13. andi says:

    how to hook up the xbox to it ?

  14. Usernames789101 says:

    Will there be alot of input lag? And how many Hz is it?

  15. BlackStormCinema says:

    both are good, i personally would go 24inch.. it looks amazing on the

  16. Ivan Vasquez says:

    I’m debating this or the 22 inch. What made you pick the 24? I’m actually
    using it as a monitor so that’s my issue, for a tv I would get the 24 no
    problem. Monitor wise though I’m not sure what the difference in size would

  17. MrThatoneguy88881 says:

    Hey I was looking into getting this tv. I was wondering what you guys think
    of the sound cause i returned a similar insignia tv cause the sound quality
    was like an old radio.

  18. BlackStormCinema says:

    i dont know what port your reffering to…but this is also a TV

  19. BlackStormCinema says:

    its also is an HDTV

  20. Jordan Vasquez says:

    Is it good for console gaming though?

  21. usmandar77300 says:

    Does battlefield 3 makes any lag on this led ??

  22. bill cutmore says:

    i got that power cable but i live in the uk anyone know where i can buy one
    that i can plug in in the uk