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Samsung 4000 Series 22″ LED Review :: (UN22C4000) :: Quality Test With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This is a assessment of Samsung’s new line of modest LED TVs. This particular evaluation is about their 22″ LED. For in-depth specs pay a visit to:… Television set led 40 – Avatar 1080p mkv 16GB file on External Hd Samsung 320GB.
Video clip Score: one / 5

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  1. Lebayak says:

    Do you think the 26 inch is too big to be ideal for gaming?

  2. Hogwit says:

    @123nipey When your birthday comes, can you tell me what you think of the
    32inch version, because I am considering getting that for Christmas. I’m
    going to get an HDTV of some kind to go with the PS3 that getting.

  3. THEIAN11 . says:

    Just bought today.. Red will not appear. anyone else having this issue?

  4. ever says:

    @Punchy871 yea why trying to get one

  5. Luis Antonio Toledano Paz says:

    it´s huge bro¡¡

  6. joeldude76 says:

    you have 2 tvs?

  7. Goody908 says:

    @PACKITOBEBE i find 60″ too big…

  8. tjfats2 says:

    Mine is coming in the mail today $247 on sale woot Can’t wait to get a new
    xbox 360 and game in HD

  9. XxPAPAHUAYROxX says:

    Hey what would you guys think of a UN-325000 for gamingwith an xbox 360?

  10. chaturga13 says:

    i have this bb for my ps3 and i play on full max set exept game mode
    because game mode sux game mode on less blur effect game mode off good blur

  11. Trotters80 says:

    So for pure tv watching in hd it doesnt matter that it isnt 1080p, is that
    right?. Cheers

  12. AlmightyAddman says:

    @flurble33 where was that from please?

  13. 2thextreme805 says:

    I got a 32 for 500

  14. SuperPieguy23 says:

    awsome review im gonna get the same tv for my room

  15. Dev Fenton Ramjattan says:

    is this a smart tv

  16. Delfin-delifnee♥ says:

    Fuj ! ;(