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Before I say anything at all allow me be really obvious. I am NOT a expert but I know what I am doing to my getaway house in Prince George, BC. That implies I lower by means of all the bullshit of a revenue…
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  1. Percy Lipinski says:

    Connections are a point source of disconnection and ultimately heat that is
    caused by sparks who’s intensity is directly related to the amount of power
    being consumed. As I said a 6 watt LED bulb does not draw enough power to
    cause enough of a “potential” spark to be a danger. If you were to inset
    yourself into that circuit you would scarcely feel a thing EVEN sipping
    wet. I suggest you reread electronics 101.

  2. Percy Lipinski says:

    EXCUSE me idiot. I was and am clear. Apparently you’re living 20 years ago
    moron. First off I was and am clear that this installation is for LED bulbs
    only. As for no control, that is about to be solved for idiots like you
    that don’t know the difference between halogen and LED when they are banned
    next year anyway. The truth is that LED technology is about to render the
    job of over priced electricians useless because LED’s can run off 5 volt
    speaker wire!!!

  3. Percy Lipinski says:

    Safety glasses and probably a good face mask are always great advice!

  4. Percy Lipinski says:

    Well obviously if there’s an idiot working with a wet floor in the basement
    on a live circuit I think Darwin takes care of these idiots. and for good
    reason. My advice and the systems I am recommending to install are 100%

  5. Percy Lipinski says:

    Costco carries warm white. They are increasingly common in all stores now.
    If you can’t find them in your country you soon will. They are the new

  6. Percy Lipinski says:

    Here’s another exciting option fur those inclined. eBay will sell you a
    nice 200 watt 12 volt power supply for about $20. More than enough to light
    a house. Put that small box somewhere central. Now just groove in cheap,
    small speaker wire into the plaster of an older house. Then buy tiny
    surface LED light pucks and when finished simply fill in the groove with
    the wire and plaster over and voila you have light wherever you want and no
    need to change bulbs…ever!

  7. Ben mckenna says:

    You could have a fire you didn’t put a box on where the connections go or
    even electrical tape

  8. Cam Coder says:

    That sheetrock would really mess your eyes, you need to get some protection

  9. Bondovian says:

    Where are your safety glasses?

  10. Random Man Stuff says:

    ” few people die of electrocution unless they’re idiots or having a very
    bad day”
    I think that if you are producing a how to video, you should consider that
    a lot of the people might take your word for the truth when in fact they
    could be hurt or killed because of your advice. regardless of the fact
    that they might be an idiot they should still be properly taught to respect
    120 volts as someone who is told that it is nothing to be scared of might
    accidentally kill themselves. Im sure that it isnt your intent to hurt
    people but the people that know the least about electricity are the most
    likely to get hurt.

    “currents between 100 and 200 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amp) are lethal. Currents
    above 200 milliamps (0.2 amp), while producing severe burns and
    unconsciousness, do not usually cause death if the victim is given
    immediate attention. Resuscitation, consisting of artificial respiration,
    will usually revive the victim.”

    “From a practical viewpoint, after a person is knocked out by an electrical
    shock it is impossible to tell how much current has passed through the
    vital organs of his body. Artificial respiration must be applied
    immediately if breathing has stopped.”

  11. Keenan Fernandez says:

    I’m looking for yellow light GU10 led bulbs not the white light. Any idea
    where I can get those?

  12. bc1001hacks says:

    Unfortunately for you their is no cure for stupidity.

  13. Nick S says:

    Can you provide us a parts list please

  14. bc1001hacks says:

    I am not going to feel sorry when you kill yourself. Any amount of current
    is enough to do damage to your heart causing cardiac arrest.

  15. Percy Lipinski says:

    Look there is no way a 6 watt bulb is going to cause any problems with
    overloads or heat build up. In fact most electricians are going to be out
    of work in a few years as we switch to 12 volt USB circuits for everything
    except heaters and kitchen appliances. In fact for anyone that’s really
    concerned do what I just cud and replace the wire with cheap speaker cable
    and run it off if 12 volts using a 12 volt transformer. Even better yet get
    rid if all the mains and run USB outlets and LED strips

  16. Percy Lipinski says:

    Finally somebody loved me

  17. 1dirty7 says:

    lol i love this guy.

  18. Chris Patterson says:

    Wow. Extremely dangerous.

  19. 96drummer96 says:

    No, the code is up to date. I have a 2014 NEC book.

  20. Buddy Quaid says:

    Talk much? Sheez! 4:15 into and you haven’t done anything. Get to the work
    already. Gone.

  21. Percy Lipinski says:

    So to all the naysayers> The current drain on a 6 watt LED bulb is
    negligible. certainly not anywhere near enough to hurt anyone or risk a
    fire!. Get real a high temperature recessed light fixture is a total waste
    of money for a 6 watt LED bulb. The codes you refer to are way out of date.
    They simply have not kept up!. Load calculations for light fixtures are
    still based on Incandescent bulbs. Ridiculous since as of this year you
    can’t even buy an Incandescent bulb in this part of the world.

  22. elecguy says:

    This installation is just plain horrible. no junction boxes, 120 volts wont
    kill you. This guy is an electrical inspectors wet dream, what a joke,

  23. AudioJunkie79 says:

    your installation would not pass a home inspection. You CAN NOT have open
    splices outside of a junction box. Your work sir is dangerous. Your
    connection to power is horrendous You must have all connections in a
    junction box or electrical box of some kind. This is code. Just because it
    is an old home doesn’t mean you can ignore the code. If you sell your home
    this will certainly be a show stopper.

  24. brian higgins says:

    stop before you kill somebody! the ground is the most important connection
    and absolutely requires a wire nut! also where are your junction boxes you
    lunatic! i know hundreds of licensed electricians that have gotten hung up
    on 120 volts! you are an irresponsible maniac!