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Samsung SMART TV Review

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Video clip Score: four / 5

This video clip exhibits a mend of the Syncmaster SA300 Samsung LED Check. To open situation look at this video To change Power Jack (socke…

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  1. Margalus89 says:

    Does this read MKV movie files via an external usb hard disk?

  2. jamarr trust says:


  3. Jos_iQVideos09 says:

    Hi man. The Samsung Smart TV and your review about it are great!… But
    your video camera is pure garbage! What brand and model of video camera did
    you use to record this video??? Thanks a lot.

  4. 09shadowjet says:

    I thought its running with android…

  5. 208230706 says:

    Is it true that it has built in wifi

  6. MafiaGMG562 says:

    Very good review

  7. Ken Chin says:

    hi,can someone tell me why my samsung smart tv cannot connect astro?who
    know how to do it?

  8. Inachu Ikimasho says:

    I tried the top 5 video codecs and none of them worked on the samsung smart
    tv. As a regular TV samsung is the best but using it for anything else that
    it offers for you to use then it is highly locked down.

  9. ICUevrywhere says:

    What is the model of this tv? Also what is the size and what is the refresh

  10. fhaikaice says:

    Log out facebook ยังงัยคับ app บน tv

  11. Tommy Jensen says:

    Great review.Thanks for the info.

  12. kao kwong says:

    bap mat ttorojo !!!

  13. kao kwong says:

    and internet crushes every 20 minutes, it sucks

  14. kao kwong says:

    their software looks like made by parachuted imploys, made so stupid way,
    when I search history, they show from begining, so I have to look from 2
    years ago, it takes about 1 hour, if they starts show from most recent
    ones, it will be so good and fast, if someone sugest that he would be fired
    for insulting higher authorities

  15. SfreeBoss says:

    Thanks man nice review .

  16. Matt Heilman says:

    LED Monitor Repair

  17. Matt Heilman says:
  18. H4x0r1 says:

    Hey Matt I have a question I have a Samsung SA300 and while I was asleep my
    niece disconnected all the parts of my computer so I could move it when I
    woke. Well the Monitor worked when I was napping but when tried to
    reassemble the computer the Monitor would not turn on. I checked all the
    outlets, even tried using RGB and HDMI to see if that would help. To no
    avail the “touch” wont turn on the monitor. Thanks to your vids I have it
    taken apart now. What do you think is the problem? Like I said one min
    running like a champ, the next looks like its getting no power or turning
    on. I hope you can figure this out.

  19. Paula Saad says:

    I have syncmaster sa300 19 inch led screen. one month ago vertical lines
    appeared on the right two-thirds when I change resolution it may work or
    vertical lines in the middle and half duplicated image on the right and

  20. Jesus Jardim says:

    Well, really thanks, sorry for creating new commentaries but I’m in mobile
    and cant do an answer…. Really thanks for the support

  21. Matt Heilman says:
  22. cesar21951 says:

    hello, I just Bought a led tv but id doesnt show any image on screen i can
    only hear it, do you know what it could be?(I only could watch it for 3

  23. Brian Hull says:

    Hi Matt, I’m hoping you can help me out on a Samsung LCD monitor I have.
    Model code is S27A350H. The original issue was that it didn’t work, I just
    got the pop up message in the upper left hand corner saying HDMI and
    Analog. This model needed the firmware updated apparently to fix that
    issue. I attempted to load the firmware, but it took over 2 hours and
    didn’t work. I ended up unplugging it even though it blinks the whole time
    saying not to and thought I could just start it over. Now, my computer
    recognizes the monitor but I dont get the red light when I shut it off and
    dont get the pop up message saying HDMI and analog. And without being able
    to use any of the buttons, I cant reset it to the factory settings even if
    I knew how to do it. Basically, is the monitor completely toast? If not,
    what can I do to fix it or do you need any other info that I’m forgetting
    to put in here? Yes, I have tried multiple computers and multiple cords.
    Its not the computers or the cords. Thanks so much in advance for any

  24. Matt Heilman says:

    Hmm tricky issue, I will do some testing.

  25. shawon xaman says:

    hi matt,,, my monitor is attack by ant..ant moving in to my screen ,,,what
    i do now ..need help,,

  26. aldwin collantes says:

    i was able to follow the instructions, i reconnected, even cleaned the
    connector ribbons with an eraser, but i still have that green line. 🙁

  27. Marcos Lima says:

    I have a problem with this monitor, my monitor have horizontal stripes on
    the right side of the screen, you have this solution?

  28. Nischay Gupta says:

    alryt…thanks for replying

  29. Srikanth Reddy says:

    Hii matt Can u explain me how to fix “no power” issue in sa300 as i am
    unable to determine where the prb is ..:)

  30. Matt Heilman says:

    … I tried using pliers, but I didn’t have much luck, so aside from
    removing it with a drill I am not sure what else you can do…

  31. Nischay Gupta says:

    hey matt… can u please tell me how to open the screw at 1:54 please….i
    dont have the drill machine as u have….im stuck….help please!!

  32. Matt Heilman says:

    I imagine this would be a lose connection to the LCD Matrix, Since I no
    longer have the monitor (returned to owner) I will attempt to show you in a
    video using a different monitor.

  33. Harith Atris says:

    ok matt..ive done it already..seems,the problem still wont go away..the
    green line still appear after disconnect & reconnect the flat cable..what

  34. Matt Heilman says:

    Well it turns out the monitor I was thinking of using to show you isn’t too
    comparable, but I would recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the flat
    cable from the center board and the LCD matrix board. which I point out at

  35. Harith Atris says:

    Hi you know how to fix a single vertical thin green line on SA300
    LED monitor..its really annoying..would really appreciate it..Thanx

  36. Matt Heilman says:

    hmm that sounds like it would be tricky, I will look into to this and get
    back to.