LCD TV 123


  1. Kurtis Streutker says:


  2. Loocifur says:

    In 5years,cost peanuts!

  3. Loocifur says:

    You might be right,but technology is moving so fast..It might come sooner
    than we think..

  4. Loocifur says:

    30 thousands dollars!!Are you fucking kidding me??What kind of job do you
    have for the need of such screen?? Thats a fucking joke!!

  5. WA5ON1 says:

    maybe in 15 or more, think about this: at 4k, 18 minutes of video take
    about 3.5 terabytes, 25 terabytes for a movie of 2 hours. 25.000 GBs only
    for a single movie! so how much hard drive space do you have right now? xD
    (sorry my english isn’t that good)