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Samsung 46″ 3D Smart TV Unboxing

Audible Cost-free 30 Day Trial! – http://www.anrdoezrs.internet/simply click-7172581-10495862 This is an unboxing of the Samsung forty six” UE46ES6900 LED Hd 1080p 3D Sensible Television. This…
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  1. hilda halanes says:

    Nice tv

  2. dno dino says:



  3. Kefir Bertulli says:

    ,,does this have s video? Thanks

  4. MultiPlusXD says:

    I liked the 46 wanted to buy. where can I find it and how much was it?

  5. StrikerBlade02 says:

    You connect it by turning it on and press the pair button on the under side.

  6. Stefan Edlund says:

    Really nice video and review / unboxing. Great job kid! Now I know what to
    TV to order (from dustinhome in Sweden). Thank´s!!

  7. TechnoLightning says:

    Glad it did, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, really helps
    me! 😀

  8. stuart dubois says:

    i like these videos 🙂

  9. computerwizkid4229 says:

    how can u afford it??

  10. TechnoLightning says:

    Hi king6188, I have both the 46″ and 55″ Smart TV, but honestly I think the
    46″ is big enough, it is still a large TV comparing it to a regular TV, but
    it really depends on the size if the room it is going in and the distance
    away from the TV your are sitting. I sit about 6 metres from it and it is
    big enough for my needs, however if you are gaming or searching the
    Internet daily on it I would certainly go for the 55″ so you can see what
    you are seeing clearer. Hope that helped – TechnoLightning

  11. king6188 says:

    would you say this is a large tv? I’m considering getting a 46, but wanted
    to know if you regret getting this instead of the 55 inch

  12. Filip Stevens says:

    Hey,is THE keyboard included? Nice vid,thnx

  13. MrDustDave says:

    Great Video I Subbed 🙂

  14. ctbradley11 says:


  15. Isaac Parry says:

    nice, you got a subscriber!

  16. Taha Sheikh says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve purchased it after watching your Video.

  17. king6188 says:

    it sure does thank you.:)

  18. DiscreetTroll says:

    Dude r u spoiled. Ur so young dafuq do you get that shit from

  19. josh watts says:

    ruddyyyyyyyyy whats the german hw?