LCD TV 123


  1. Apollo Figueras says:

    nice work can u leave a video how to set it up please I am a disabled vet
    and I would love to learn how to do this especially we don’t get a lot of
    money to pay cable so we r stuck with Netflix…….if u cn e mail me a
    video it would be great……….tks 4 listen ………

  2. Jeremy Mendez says:


  3. gameterminal says:

    holy shit, that looks pretty awesome.

  4. kingjoka85 says:

    what skin is that your using on XBMC

  5. Jeremy Mendez says:

    Ehh don’t know what to think of windows 8. More importantly though is next
    to you sleeping or are do you have bad lungs? I know it’s totally
    irrelevant to this video but I couldn’t help but notice the sound