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Samsung AA59-00385D Factory Original Replacement TV Remote Control for All Plasma DLP LCD LED TV’s

Samsung AA59-00385D Factory Original Replacement TV Remote Control for All Plasma DLP LCD LED TV’s

  • Compatible with most Samsung DLP, Plasma, LCD, and LED Television Sets. Replaces the following part numbers: BN59-00608A, BP59-00116A, BN59-00599A, BN59-00518A, AA59-00378A, AA59-00381A, AA59-00384A, AA59-00385D, AA59-00406A, AA59-00411A, BN59-00512A, BN59-00518B, BN59-00529A, BN59-00545B, BN59-00557A, BN59-00567A, BN59-00568A, BN59-00598A, BN59-00601A, BN59-00615A, BN59-00655A, BN59-00659A, BN59-01010A, BP59-00107A, BP59-00115A, BP59-00117A, BP59-00123A, BP59-00124A, BP59-00128A, BN59-00604A
  • BN59-00609A, BP59-00125A, AA59-00385A, AA59-00385B, AA59-00385C, AA59-00407A, BP59-00121A, AA59-00405B, BN59-00545A, BN59-00511A, BN5900608A, BP5900116A, BN5900599A, BN5900518A, AA5900378A, AA5900381A, AA5900384A, AA5900385D, AA5900406A, AA5900411A, BN5900512A, BN5900518B, BN5900529A, BN5900545B, BN5900557A, BN5900567A, BN5900568A, BN5900598A, BN5900601A, BN5900615A, BN5900655A, BN5900659A, BN5901010A, BP5900107A, BP5900115A, BP5900117A, BP5900123A, BP5900124A, BP5900128A
  • TV Models: HLS4265W, HLS4265WX, HLS4265WX/XAC, HLS4266W, HLS4266WX, HLS4266WX/XAA, HLS4666W, HLS4666WX, HLS4666WX/XAA, HLS4676, HLS4676S, HLS4676SX, HLS4676SX/XAA, HLS5065W, HLS5065WX, HLS5065WX/XAA, HLS5066W, HLS5066WX, HLS5066WX/XAC, HLS5086W, HLS5086WX, HLS5086WX/XAA, HLS5086WX/XAC, HLS5087, HLS5087W, HLS5087WX, HLS5087WX/XAA, HLS5088W, HLS5088WX, HLS5088WX/XAA, HLS56188W, HLS56188WX/XAA, HLS5665W, HLS5665WX, HLS5665WX/XAC, HLS5666W, HLS5666WX, HLS5666WX/XAC, HLS5666WXXAC, HLS5679, HLS5679W
  • HLS5679W, HLS5679WX, HLS5679WX/XAA, HLS5686C, HLS5686CX/XAA, HLS5686W, HLS5686WX, HLS5686WX/XAA, HLS5686WX/XAC, HLS5687W, HLS5687WX, HLS5687WX/XAA, HLS5688W, HLS5688WX, HLS5688WX/XAA, HLS57178W, HLS57178WX/XAA, HLS57178WX/XAP, HLS6165W, HLS6165WX, HLS6165WX/XAA, HLS6166W, HLS6166WX, HLS6166WX/XAC, HLS6167W, HLS6167WX, HLS6167WX/XAA, HLS6186W, HLS6186WX, HLS6186WX/XAA, HLS6186WX/XAC, HLS6187W, HLS6187WX, HLS6187WX/XAA, HLS6188W, HLS6188WX, HLS6188WX/XAA
  • HLS6767W, HLS6767WX, HLS6767WX/XAA, HLS7178, HLS7178W, HLS7178WX, HLS7178WX/XAA, HLT4675S, HLT4675SX, HLT4675SX/XAA, HLT4675SX/XAC, HLT4675SXXAC, HLT5055W, HLT5055WX/XAA, HLT5055WX/XAC, HLT5075, HLT5075S, HLT5075SX, HLT5075SX/XAA, HLT5075SX/XAC, HLT5076, HLT5076S, HLT5076SX, HLT5076SX/XAA, HLT5076SX/XAC, HLT5076SXXAA, HLT5087S, HLT5087SAX/XAA, HLT5087SX, HLT5087SX/XAA, HLT5089S, HLT5089SAX/XAA, HLT5089SX/XAA, HLT5656W, HLT5656WX, HLT5656WX/XAC, HLT5675S, HLT5675SX and more.

Samsung AA59-00385D Factory Original Replacement TV Remote Control for All Plasma DLP LCD LED TV's
Samsung Original Remote Control AA59-00385D which is compatible with nearly all Plasma, LCD, and LED Samsung Televisions without any programming. It comes ready to use. Please look at the photos for button functionality as the remote that came with your TV may be different, however, if this remote has the button it will work. Compatible with these TV models: CL21A550ML, CL21A550ML4XZL, CL21A550ML4XZX, CL21A730EQ, CL21A730EQ4XZL, CL21A730EQ8XZL, CL21A730EQ8XZP, CL21K40MQ, CL21K40MQGTXAP, CL21K40M

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