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Samsung SSG-P2100X/ZA (IMAX/Dragon) 3D Starter Kit, Black Review

Samsung SSG-P2100X/ZA (IMAX/Dragon) 3D Starter Kit, Black

The Samsung SSGP2100X/ZA Dragons IMAX 3D Started Kit features Samsung’s new battery powered 3D Active Glasses which are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment. Impressive both in how they function and in what they allow you to experience, the technology works as follows: When you put them on and look at the screen, the technology first blocks the left and then the right lens. It happens faster than the blink of an eye – so your eye won’t notice it. But when images are shown to each eye separa
Samsung SSG-P2100X/ZA (IMAX/Dragon) 3D Starter Kit, Black

  • Compatible with select 2010 Samsung models: Including C7000, C8000 and C9000 series LED-LCD HDTVs,
  • Includes: IMAX Blu-ray 3D Kit, 2 Pairs of Active Samsung 3D Glasses, Mail-in Voucher for “How to Train Your Dragon” Blu-ray 3D Disc.
  • Compatible with C750 series LCD HDTV, C7000 and C8000 series plasma HDTVs and BD-C6900 Blu-ray players.

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